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“Pigeon” by Ray Jaro

Joanna posted about a dreamy treehouse resort.  I want to go!  Girl’s trip?  Anyone?

A security breech causes an evacuation of terminal 8.  Honestly, USA, when are we going to pull our security together tightly?  I don’t feel like it should be so hard.  You want me to do it?  I totally have ideas.

Maggie posted a third batch of people who are doing Life Lists, including me.  I went and read every single list of everyone she linked to.  It’s good stuff.

Rich writes the funniest recaps of Jesery Shore ever.

I did a lot of research for a secular, transparent, smaller, passionate, hands-on charity helping in Haiti.  Partners in Health fit the bill, so I donated to them.  If you’re looking for the same in a place to give your donation dollars to, this might be for you.

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