Weight Watchers

Swaying in the Wind

I’m currently doing Weight Watchers, and every week I blog a bit about what I’ve learned and experienced, and whether I’ve lost or gained weight for the week. I take notes in the weekly meetings and post them, too.

The cake at BlogHer’s Sparklecorn party (courtesy of Charm City Cakes, a.k.a. that bakery with the TV show). You know I had some!

Oh BlogHer, with all your free food!  I didn’t do a great job tracking my intake, either.  “I’m just so busy this week!” I said to myself, but excuses are like cheap belt buckles: they get flimsy with use really fast.

I’m up .6 pounds, so not terrible (I was super active and did tons of walking).  A bummer, though, because I really, really want to punch through that 10 pound wall.  It’s right there.  Right there!

I’m pretty good at not beating myself up for stuff like this, but this week was still timely for me.  We talked about the 80/20 Rule this week.  If you’re making good choices 80% of the time, you can let that 20% go.  That’s a solid B if you’re in school.  I can totally be a B student!

Notes on this super awesome meeting are after the jump.

If you drop one egg on the floor, you don’t then drop the rest of them.  It’s like mistakes – don’t let them totally derail your whole effort.

Another example is sky scrapers.  They are designed to sway in the wind.  If they didn’t, they’d keel over.  By being flexible, they remain upright.  Examples of “winds”” distractions, special occasions, vacations, being extra busy…

“Stepford” Weight Watchers loose weight quickly, but tend to fail long term.

what can you do when you are tending to perfection?  Be proud of accomplishments.  How do you make set-backs easier?  Be thoughtful about the mental moment where you snapped.  Realize that “dropping an egg” or “swaying in the breeze” are normal, but they aren’t toppling all your accomplishments.

A hint: the more you tell people about loosing weight and Weight Watchers, they more helpful they’ll become.  Restaurant servers will be helpful, as will dinner party hosts and friends.

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