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Monday Music: “Which Side are You On” by Ani DiFranco

While I was hanging at her house all weekend, I asked Tracy to pick a song. She picked Which Side Are You On which a million people have covered through the years. (She picked the Ani DiFranco version.)

One of my favorite things about Tracy is that she is passionate about creating the kind of world that she wants to live in through community activities. It’s easy to see a problem and shrug; Tracy rolls up her sleeves and does something. It’s very inspiring. (My other favorite thing about her is her killer dance moves.)

She chose it because “It’s an uplifting song that calls people into action for doing good, and it resonates with a lot of groups that I’ve been working with lately that focus not just on the charity work, but on justice issues.”

She told me about her involvement in the 99 Collective, a Christian-based group that is trying to create a church experience for young people who have been marginalized by the mainstream church. (Tracy loves Jesus, and working with young people, and is gay, so it’s pretty much “Tracy’s dream project”.) I would have loved that 15 years ago.

“Also,” she said, “it’s one of those songs that make me dance.”

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  1. tapps

    February 20, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    so.. while editing photos, guess what song came on my itunes? and guess what website it made me open up immediately. 🙂

    thanks for spending the weekend with me. that made me happy. and dance, of course 🙂

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