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Life List: Own A Set of Luxurious Stationary – Check!

You know a big Camp Mighty post is coming, but I have to talk about how I crossed something off my Life List while I was there first.

Camp Mighty, Bing and Wantist teamed up to select something from each attendees Life List and gave them a gift based around it, which is… stunning and amazing. Wrapping a baby elephant up for me to kiss on the trunk might have been a bit tough I suppose, but I was just as excited as what they chose for me: a set of personalized stationary from Hello Lucky.

When I opened the box and saw my name – MY name, the one I chose for myself, that I adore, and am proud of, and built a business with – written at the top of a gorgeous, cream colored card in pretty font, I was thankful that I’d unwrapped it tucked into a corner solo instead of sitting in a group, because burst into tears immediately. Later I had lunch Brittany Reiff, the founder of Wantist, and made HER get teary with my story.

Thank you Camp Mighty, Wantist, and Bing! They are lovelier than I imagined, and could not have come at a better time for me.

  1. Kathryn

    20 November 2012 at 10:04 am

    Aww! That is really pretty… and really awesome and meaningful. Love it!

  2. Melanie

    20 November 2012 at 1:52 pm

    Beautiful, just like you. I wish we could have chatted more! We might have to break out the Skype. xo

  3. Leslie

    20 November 2012 at 4:56 pm

    I loved this so much for you. Isn’t it incredible the way life works. Even my gift, and the fact that I ALREADY HAD IT (but haven’t fully read it) was so telling for me. Loved every moment with you and I’m sorry I didn’t get to take more pictures of you! I got a cute one of you and Lindsey though and one of you in the hot tub. Oh, and that hummingbird photo you took is AMAZING! Great to spend more time with you, looking forward to you coming up to see us! xo

  4. Gavin

    1 December 2012 at 10:14 am

    That stationary! So beautiful. Now I want stationary. And then I want to type letters on my typewriter and correspond like it’s the 70s.

    Hipster. Next thing we know, you’ll be Instagramming cat feet.

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