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From the New York Times: Familiarity Breeds Content Frank Bruni, Former Restaurant Critic, on the Joys of Repeat Visits

I love this article from the New York Times about being a regular at a restaurant. One of the biggest joys of living in New York for me is to walking to my favorite place and sitting down in a familiar setting.

For me, there are two. One is an Italian restaurant where the owner taught me how to swear with a Sicilian flourish and frequently sends over dessert on the house. The other is a bar where I get a lot of work done during the early happy hours when I’m not quite ready to snap my laptop shut but could use some company and a drink (in that order, actually). One bar tender in particular knows what kind of beer I like and can steer me to new things on tap that I’ll enjoy; he also has my sort-of fussy drink order memorized: one shot of Farmers organic gin in a double glass of tonic, a dash of bitters, and no twist.

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