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Monday Music: Jagwar Ma “Come Save Me”

I lost my voice cheering for the marathon runners yesterday. I’d never done it before, and overwhelmed at how joyful I felt. A lot of participants ink their names on their shirts so you can cheer for them by name, and it was so great to catch hundreds of smiles as I shouted, “You go, Mike!” or “Looking awesome, Liz!” right at them as they went by. I punked out after about an hour because it was cold, but next year I’m bundling up, taking a thermos of coffee and whiskey, and getting there extra early to cheer my heart out for hours.

This story has nothing to do with today’s Monday Music, which is just one of the songs I’ve been grooving to these days.


  1. Erica W

    4 November 2013 at 11:24 am

    Having just run a big race with my name on my bid – hearing “Go Erica” etc was THE BEST thing and brought tears to my eyes. Spectators are what made the race for me. THANK YOU for doing that, I’m sure all the Mike’s and Liz’s were thrilled to hear you cheer!

  2. Johanna

    4 November 2013 at 2:52 pm

    I have to say, when I ran in 2010, hearing “Go Josie!” over and over was the best. In the hardest, loneliest parts of the marathon, hearing a random person yell my name kept me from crying over how far I still had to run on more than one occasion. (but not on every occasion. I totally cried.)

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