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Monday Music: Beyonce “Blow”

In case you live under a rock: Beyonce dropped an album on Thursday at midnight with no warning, advertising, release of singles, marketing or… anything. She just took to Instagram and was like, “Surprise!”, and the album went to number one in 100 countries almost immediately. Included were several glossy videos; this one is my favorite.

The album SEXY – kind of dirty in parts, actually. A lot of people are saying she’s a bad role model now, but I love that she’s being super frank about having hot sex with her husband. I’m sick to death of the messaging that says sexy times die when you get married, and/or are in your 30’s, and while it does kind of make me uncomfortable to think of teens hearing lyrics like “He Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown” (do teens today even understand that reference?!) it makes me more uncomfortable to hear TV shows talking about how you won’t get laid when you’re married/have babies/turn 30-something. Do you know the bendy freaky shit I can do in the sack now that I’m 31? I’ll spare you the details, but yoga has been much more than just a heart-healthy pursuit for me. So you go, Beyonce, with your sexy mom self!

YouTube only has a clip of a video, but you should go download this album now anyway.

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  1. misstraceynolan

    16 December 2013 at 4:26 pm

    I just CANNOT get over this from a marketing perspective. The balls it takes to do something like this! I bow down.

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