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30 January 2014

good things NYC with Amber

Doughnuts 2014

brooklyn doughnuts

photo from Dough

I grew up a doughnut fan. My grandfather favored the Doughnut Inn, a southern Connecticut chain of three stores with phenomenal coffee and a yellow and brown logo, unchanged since 1977, that makes my heart quiver with nostalgia. It was coffee for him and a doughnut for me – glazed. My parents always favored Dunkin’ Donuts, the national brand that was New England-only when I was a kid, and we would sometimes get doughnuts there after church. And, of course, there were apple cider doughnuts every time we got pumpkins in the fall.

They are having a revival of sorts, and I’m pretty excited about this. One of my New Years resolutions was to eat more high quality doughnuts, so Lara sent me this fun slide show of amazing doughnuts from around the United States, and there are three places here in New York that I’m going to try (Voodoo Doughnut in Portland has been on my Life List forever). My friends are awesomely supportive.

I’m going on a doughnut tour all year. (I also found this list of the 10 best doughnuts in New York City that I’m going to pull from.) If you follow me on Twitter, I’ll post where I’m going and when (it will likely be a Saturday or a Sunday morning), should you want to join me for some deep-fried, sugar-glazed awesomeness.

This is going to be fun.

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