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1 April 2014

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Travel For One

Boys’ feet in Berlin

Hello from Europe! I’m in Berlin now; before I was in London for two days where I just barely brushed paths with blog pal Sarah as she was coming into London and I was going out.

Solo travel is odd, and I’m not sure I like it. It has obvious perks like being solo navigator and doing whatever I want, and downsides like having to be solo navigator and constantly having to come up with new things to see and do instead of doing that thing where you’re traveling with someone else and they say “I really want to go here” and you say, “Yeah, sure, OK, I guess.” and go along with them, and it ends up being more fun than anything else you would have thought of.

Remember back in 2010 when I said I wanted to see every Brooklyn-like neighborhood in the world? For London, that’s Hampstead (among others, I’m sure), which I loved exploring. (I just took the tube to the Hampstead stop and began wandering, which worked out alright.) I found dogs, cute shops, and a pub that felt similar to my favorite bar in Brooklyn, which served me real English beer . Eventually I’ll come back and see the tourist things, I’m sure, but… I’ve seen them on TV, you know? Seeing Buckingham Palace this time around wasn’t my speed.

Now I’m in Berlin, staying in Prenzlauer Berg, which also feels like home.

Have you traveled alone? Did you like it? Any tips for Berlin, and Paris, which is next? (I’ll be with girlfriends there.)

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