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Life List: Go Rock Climbing – Check

photo by Sarah Hoppes

When Nicki asked if I wanted to go hiking, I envisioned a few miles through the fall leaves in my sneakers with my backpack on, a pause for lunch by a river or shit like that, and then back home.

Nicki took Sarah and me over a mountain.

To get to the top of Diamond Mountain, you have to go up three really intense sections of topography, and while what we were doing is still absolutely considered hiking, I was, at once point, on all fours CLIMBING ROCKS and fairly certain I was going to pass out, so I’m going to count it, especially because this is what I looked like at the end:

(Thank you for the photo, Nicki; this sprawling on rocks is all your fault)

But after a minute I got up again, and this is what I felt like:

Thanks, Sarah

I have what I think of as healthy FOMO. I always ask every really old person I meet what bits of wisdom they have for people my age, and most of them say some version of, “Do fun stuff so you have good stories.” I try to think of stuff on my own, but I appreciate that I have friends that do interesting things, too, and invite me so I don’t have to plan.

Nicki, I like that I know you.

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  1. Nicki

    5 November 2015 at 9:36 am

    I’m so glad that I know YOU! While I probably shouldn’t have taken you over a mountain… opps, you did amazing, and the view was pretty great! Happy to help you check off more life list items. 🙂

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