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27 November 2015


Black Friday

I bought into the whole salty “bleerrr! commercialism!” thing for a while in regards to Black Friday, but this year I full embraced it. There have been some business books and some camera gear that, while not essential, would be really helpful to have, and I was able to purchase them today at a discount. I also got new pants for me and Marley.

A lot of the smaller online retailers that I like have run sales today, including these amazing sneakers that my wedding photographer wore to shoot my wedding, that had all my gal pals and I going “OMG! SHOOOOOSE!” when we saw them, and I got them for shooting weddings myself. They were half off.

I’m still not going to bowl someone over for a television set (sidenote: I think making fun of those people is classism at its worst; I’m in my PJs shopping because I’m privileged to own a credit card) and I haven’t gotten off of my couch today, but I will admit it: I’m super into indie shops and smaller retailers deciding that today is going to be the day they offer savings. I’m also physically shopping tomorrow with Marley for Small Business Saturday around Brooklyn.

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