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29 November 2015


Currently, 29 November


Working out the logistics for an upscale photo booth. I’ve done the thrown-together one in the past. I want to do one where, for New Years Eve, I take a very classic, very well lit portrait of every guest that comes to our annual party.

Working out the logistics for a balloon drop at midnight on New Years Eve. We bought an apartment with ten foot ceilings, and dammnit: I want to use them for something epic. Any ideas?

Dreaming about the tiny sabbatical I’m taking in January. I plan to do a lot of yoga, plan a continuing education workshop in Brooklyn for some of my colleagues, and build a breakfast bar for the kitchen. I will not have any idea what the fuck I’m doing for most of these. I’ll document it all here.

So NaBloPoMo is almost over. I had fun. I missed this space, and this was a great way to ease into it again. I might even renovate the website? Maybe. In between building a breakfast bar.

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