I have a subscription to Vogue.

My entire closet of everyday clothing is worth about $100 max (what up, sweatpants!), my best shoes are sneakers, and I’ve been carrying the same purse for about four years, every single day. I really wanted to be, but I am not A Fashion Girl (it turns out I am, however, an Expensive Skin Care girl, because I just discovered Tata Harper and holy cow does my complexion look amazing.)

It’s the Vogue photography that’s inspiring. It basically functions as a crystal ball for wedding photography in the next two or three years, so if there’s a trend that speaks to me, I can jump on it and ride that wave all the way to the beach. I figured this out a year ago, looking at an old Vogue from 2008. A model was on a balcony holding a gigantic balloon, and I thought, “Huh? That’s a bit basic for Vogue.” Then I saw the year, and it clicked. Vogue published this photo, and then I saw a bunch of engagement photos with gigantic balloons, until it because a tiny bit of a cliche (and don’t get me wrong: I still love the gigantic balloon thing, but it’s been done.)

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