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31 July 2017

good things

Makeovers at Sephora

If you know you need to spend $50 or more at Sephora, try to time it so that you can get the free makeover you’re entitled to. I needed new tweezers, eyeliner, and a new foundation, and also got a smokey eye, contoured, “eyebrows on fleek” SITUATION.

It was a rough week for those of us who care about social injustice, and on top of that, I’m on the brink of starting a digital platform that elevates the voices and vision of women, people of colour, and the LGBTQ community who are creative entrepreneurs. I’ve already gotten some flack for it, and I’m bracing myself for more.

My makeup artist was a black trans* woman. I’ll never say anything as twee as “the universe orchestrated this” but… oh man. Sephora feels like such a haven, doesn’t it? Especially in New York, where women from all over the world and all backgrounds are swirling around me looking for makeup with their friends, mothers, and sisters. As she created this stunning look for me, I started crying. Nothing makes me feel more powerful than having fabulous hair and makeup.

“You have NO idea,” I said “what you’re doing for me. After this week, it is so, so much more than just some pretty makeup.” and then, of course, “Oh no! I’m smudging it!” and she laughed and hugged me and blotted my tears away from her handiwork.

Anyway, all that to say: free makeovers at Sephora if you spend fifty bucks, totally worth planning your purchases around, and it’s hard out there for a lot of us so this might be some good self care.

p.s. Yes, I brought my IceLight into the bathroom to take selfies. I ain’t sorry.


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