Fun Things, Friday 1 September 2017

Johanna Siring is a photographer. She took portraits of strangers before and after kissing them. Via Creative Mornings.


These flatware sets look incredibly expensive, but they aren’t. Do I need new forks and knives? Yes…?


The plethora of business resources for women that leave out the voices of PoC and queer-identifying people was starting to piss me off, so I launched a digital platform for creative business owners called the Pineapple North Project.

I’m now accepting articles from smart people.

I am afraid I’m going to fall on my face and let a lot of people down.


The voices of former slaves, recorded in the 30’s, and digitized in the late 90’s. How am I just now hearing about this? It made me weep.


Flights to Europe have never been more affordable, especially from the east coast. Use both Google Flights and Momondo, and keep your dates flexible. This is round trip to Brussels over my birthday in March for $452. That’s not even the best deal.

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