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Keep It Simple

Is it me, or is adult gift giving just… weird? After a few years of awkwardly exchanging gifts with family, we kind of “called it” this holiday season and said “no more”. I’d rather spend time and money eating together (and maybe splurging on a bottle of nicer-than-usual wine) than exchanging things that everyone can just buy themselves. It was controversial, but we’re happy to have finally made this decision.

Every year as I get older, I long for a less complicated life, filled with rich friendships and experiences.

It’s not easy. Keeping up with dear relationships is difficult. Over the summer, I realised with a start that I hadn’t seen my friend Jen in close to two years. They moved to Vermont, so when we headed up to sleep in a yurt in upstate and I saw they were only an hour’s drive from there, I texted her husband Micah to see when everyone would be home just having a normal day.

He said Saturday looked good, so I just… pulled into her driveway. It was magic (I highly recommend you turn yourself into a surprise at least once. No one before or since has ever been that happy to see me.) We got local takeout, and played nerf guns with their kids in the yard, and met their chickens, and explored the woods around their house. It’s small-but-everything moments like this that I want to remember, not the things in life on my shelves collecting dust.

I’ve “uniformed” myself to a few essential pieces of clothing that I like very much. Marley wears the same things every day, too. We have one drawer with a family collection of socks that aren’t just his or mine; we share sweatshirts, too.

We’re going deeper into our humanity, I think, and, okay *jerk off motion* but I feel so… human… these days, and I’m happy and simplifying everything has helped so much. I’ve spoken candidly before of growing up abused and then being married to A Nice Person But The Wrong Person, so everyone who loved me before was complicated and now it’s not complicated – we just Are. – and you’d think this would be the best time to throw a bit of complexity on everything but it’s not what I want.

No gifts, no clutter, no unnecessary clothes, no weird ingredients to be used once and then forgotten in the back of the cabinet – we even eat uncomplicated meals these days, too. We started saving 10% of our income in 2017, too, because if simplicity is number one, security is a close second.

Please don’t come for my skincare, though! I have more bottles of oils, moisturizers, and washes than I’m going to admit. I can only go so far.

Photo by Lacie Slezak

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  1. Kandise

    22 January 2018 at 9:52 pm

    Love this and it’s something I think about a lot lately, too. I’m not as far along as you (in terms of success) but I think it’s a natural and reasonably healthy way for our generation to express control over our lives.

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