Keely and the Scarf

My friend Keely and I share a birthday, and I adore her. On Monday, we were browsing a bookstore when she spotted a scarf abandoned on a display, and, a bit later, a lady without one.

“Did you lose your scarf?” she asked the lady. “I think think it’s just over there.”

She pointed.

The lady rushed over, then came back to where we were checking out at the register and said, “Oh my goodness. You have no idea how grateful I am! Thank you!” She left, tucking it around her neck.

I asked, “Did you see her lose the scarf? I don’t understand how you knew it was hers.” (The bookstore was a bit crowded.)

Keely said, “No, I just sensed she was missing it.” She shrugged and me and the cashier kind of just marveled at her.

Isn’t that extraordinary? I love that Keely is my friend.

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