Thanksgiving 2018

II’m thankful…

…for my fixed up apartment. We finally made it a priority and it’s so nice!

…WhatsApp connecting me with friends around the world.

…that Cousin Robin banned chitlins from Thanksgiving, because I canNOT deal.

…that it appears, after a long chain of heartbreak and grief, that I’m going to have a healthy baby.

…that I married someone smart and kind. The more time I spend on pregnancy message boards, the more I realise a lot of women are living with jerks.

…for deciding to go back to therapy this year.

…that I have the best job in the world, with the best community surrounding it.

…I’m no longer tolerating toxic behaviour from anyone. To the people who say, “You can’t just cut people out of your life!” I say “Snip snip!”

…for shea butter.

…for that D.

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