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Twice As Good

I’m “settled” in my personal life for the first time in… ever? There was that time in 2009 where I thought I was settled (ha ha ha… oh, Amber. You had no idea.) and I can sense chaos on the horizon because there’s ALWAYS FUCKING SOMETHING that rocks the boat,  ...

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I Don’t Look the Type

So I’m sitting in the hot tub on vacation, and these two older guys are talking about stocks. I listen, and figure out that they’re talking about what stocks are GOING to do, with a bit of authority. They’re keeping their voices low, but I’m right there, so it appears  ...

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Songs for Hawai’i

Marley and I are currently taking a four-month delayed honeymoon to Maui. We got married at the end of September, but there was no way in hell we were leaving the wonder that is October in New York City. February, however, reaches a hurts-to-breathe bullshit-level of cold, and I’m not  ...

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I have a subscription to Vogue. My entire closet of everyday clothing is worth about $100 max (what up, sweatpants!), my best shoes are sneakers, and I’ve been carrying the same purse for about four years, every single day. I really wanted to be, but I am not A Fashion Girl (it turns out  ...

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The end of 2015

I am up to my eyeballs trying to get our New Years party put together, and rapidly reaching the “shove everything in a closet” stage of the game. I’m looking at my guest list, the square footage of my apartment, the guest list again, and shaking my head. It’s going to  ...

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