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Phoning It In

Oh my gosh. I have no idea what to say today.

1. I bought splits of champagne for all of my 2016 elopement clients! I’m going to tuck one into a custom “New York City” tote bag (with my URL printed on the inside) as a little gift. I’m working out the logistics on sending my current clients bottles of champagne legally, from my house, with a handwritten note. I think I’ll need to let it go and drop-ship them using a third party. But I was going to have custom tape made with my logo on it!

2. I took a photo of one of the last leaves.

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Random Thursday Thoughts

I completely forgot about about Daylight Savings Time – the bane of my existence – and told three clients scheduled for this week that “four pm will be gorgeous light.” No. No it won’t. By four pm it is dark; by four thirty it is pitch. Can we just stay in DST all year, please? It will be lots less depressing for everyone. I can’t work like this.

They’ve all been rescheduled.

These new pumps are part of my wardrobe. I don’t need them because I go from bare feet at home, to Chucks when I’m out, to my “shootin’ boots” when I’m running around town with clients taking photos. But they’re beautiful.

My pilates instructor chided me for not eating a hearty breakfast, but the thought of doing more than peeling a banana before noon makes me tired and queasy, so I have no idea what to do. We did stay in a bed and breakfast last year and flopping at a table and having chopped fruit and muffins presented to me with eggs and coffee was kind of heavenly. Conclusion: I need a butler to live my best life.

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An Open Letter to the Awkward Girl, Who Is All of Us

“I just failed so hard!” she said aloud, emerging from the dressing room, and making eye contact with me, as I was standing right there and looked up when she said something.

She froze in horror.

“I was just… talking to myself? I just… sometimes…”

I smiled. “I do that all the time!”

“It was just that I… oh… you probably don’t care.”

And then she ran away.

I wanted to hug her and let her know that we all have awkward moments, and that I totally was not judging, and that I thought she was so cute.

Dear adorable girl in the fitting room at Rent the Runway this afternoon: you’re ok.

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Hey You! What Song Are You Listening To?

Confession: I have playlists I listen to while walking around that are made up exclusively of non-embarrassing songs, specifically because I saw this video in 2011 and I’m terrified that Ty Cullen will ask me what I’m listening to while I’m listening something awkward.

I also carry a flattering shade of red lipstick at all times, just in case I get stopped by HONY.

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A Trilogy of Elevens or The Best Thing I’ve Learned in 33 Years of Living

There are Amber Hope Marlow people and not Amber Hope Marlow people, and I’ve learned to accept this. Business has taught me this, mostly, but it translates to real life, too. I don’t care about what the non-AHM people think of me, but I press the advice, support and wisdom of the Me-People into myself and try to support them in return. It’s made for a pretty good life thus far.

The Amber Hope Marlow people also get invited to have cake on my birthday.

High Dive in Brooklyn, 6pm.

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Catching Up

My website is done. Go look and tell me what you think! I have to start blogging again on it, before my wedding season starts happening fast and furiously. It feels overwhelming to think about catching up on the past three months.

No word on Matty yet – I had to cancel our appointment last week because I was really sick, but I’ll keep you posted. So far, the best way to get him to eat seems to be coconut oil mixed in with his food, and he’s getting spoiled. Worth it.

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2013, A Dating Story “The Mixup”

In 2013, determined to “get out there”, I went on exactly 30 first dates. I didn’t set out to go on this many; it just sort of happened as I stumbled across interesting men while browsing the online dating site OKCupid. Most dates just consisted of coffee or a glass of wine and then parting ways forever, and the majority were unremarkable. A few produced friends, or lovers, or lovers that became friends. There are a handful of one-night stands, and one or two that were downright awful. These are the stories of some of them.

As told in a bar, recently.

“So I was texting with the guy in my phone who was ‘Chris F.’, and it was getting kind of flirty, and then he invited me over. This was going to be my first official ‘booty call’, and I was excited. I got dressed and knocked on his door, and it turned out ‘Chris F.’ was NOT who I pictured. I thought I was talking to ‘Chris S.'”

“What did you do?” asked Emily, eyes wide.

I shrugged. “I fucked him!”

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2014 Resolutions

1. Bathe and walk the dogs more often.

2. Eat high-quality doughnuts a lot (and avoid the temptation of the crummy kind).

3. Hang out with my grandma more; she is old.

4. Have more “just because” champagne evenings.

5. Learn to make a lot of delicious, vegetarian meals that are filling and nutritious.

6. Leave the country at least a few times.

7. Try new restaurants frequently, especially if they look cozy.

8. Keep up my fun habit of exercise with friends.

9. Make connecting with exceptionally busy girlfriends a big priority.

10. Better myself as an artist.


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