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My Secret Favorite TV Show

My dad called yesterday concerned, because he saw an episode of Peoples Court where the photographer didn’t get a contract and the client didn’t want to pay. “Do you make sure you get a contract?” he asked. “You probably should.” I told him not to worry,  ...

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A Midwest Cheerup

I refuse to end the week on a sad note, so tell me: what do you do to cheer yourself up during sad times? (I’ve already bought shoes and that totally helped.) I’m heading to Wisconsin hang out with Tracy for a few days; we’re doing fun geeky girl stuff. She is one of those  ...

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Valdobbiadene. Good luck pronouncing it. Over the summer I helped throw an event and was tasked with picking a decent bottle of sparkling wine in the $15 range. I headed to my favorite wine shop where they quickly selected this as the best bottle for the money, declaring it better than a lot of  ...

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Wanna Split a Cookie?

Have you seen Shit Girls Say? It was a Twitter feed first, and now it’s a webseries. Totally brilliant and “oh my god. so true!” (I’m currently in bed with the stomach flu, so you may direct your love notes, sympathy and other funny things my way this week.)

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