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home makeover

Cork Tiles?

In 2015, our bedroom came carpeted in a weird, sad white carpet that we hated. It finally got the heave when Leeloo (our dog) pooped on it, ate the poop, and then threw up the poop. After three days of trying to get the stain out, I grabbed a box cutter, put on Big Little Lies, and cut a massive hole in the carpet. We finally hired someone to help us rip out the carpet, to stunningly ugly tile underneath that is slowly disintegrating.

I can just put down inexpensive cork tiles, right? They’re cute, and eco friendly, and I think I can do it myself. I would do something fancier, but I just don’t want to invest in the apartment that much when there are vacations to take, you know?

Can I self-install them? Are they good with dog nails? Dog hair? Do they need to be finished? Is it like walking on a bulletin board?

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