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And that’s the end

And that’s it: 30 blog posts in 30 days. I will probably never do that again, but I remembered how fun it was to blog when I *actually* have something to say. The reality is that most of what I think about now revolves around business, which is pretty boring if you don’t care about camera lenses, focal points, or mounting a flash to a light stand.

I will be back in this space more often, though.

Thank you for reading.

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Currently, 29 November


Working out the logistics for an upscale photo booth. I’ve done the thrown-together one in the past. I want to do one where, for New Years Eve, I take a very classic, very well lit portrait of every guest that comes to our annual party.

Working out the logistics for a balloon drop at midnight on New Years Eve. We bought an apartment with ten foot ceilings, and dammnit: I want to use them for something epic. Any ideas?

Dreaming about the tiny sabbatical I’m taking in January. I plan to do a lot of yoga, plan a continuing education workshop in Brooklyn for some of my colleagues, and build a breakfast bar for the kitchen. I will not have any idea what the fuck I’m doing for most of these. I’ll document it all here.

So NaBloPoMo is almost over. I had fun. I missed this space, and this was a great way to ease into it again. I might even renovate the website? Maybe. In between building a breakfast bar.

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Black Friday

I bought into the whole salty “bleerrr! commercialism!” thing for a while in regards to Black Friday, but this year I full embraced it. There have been some business books and some camera gear that, while not essential, would be really helpful to have, and I was able to purchase them today at a discount. I also got new pants for me and Marley.

A lot of the smaller online retailers that I like have run sales today, including these amazing sneakers that my wedding photographer wore to shoot my wedding, that had all my gal pals and I going “OMG! SHOOOOOSE!” when we saw them, and I got them for shooting weddings myself. They were half off.

I’m still not going to bowl someone over for a television set (sidenote: I think making fun of those people is classism at its worst; I’m in my PJs shopping because I’m privileged to own a credit card) and I haven’t gotten off of my couch today, but I will admit it: I’m super into indie shops and smaller retailers deciding that today is going to be the day they offer savings. I’m also physically shopping tomorrow with Marley for Small Business Saturday around Brooklyn.

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I’m So Stuffed

Happy Thanksgiving!

We went to Marely’s relatives this year, and I did the classic Thanksgiving mistake of skipping breakfast and then pigging out when dinner was finally served. Every year I know better than to do this, and every year, I do it anyway! It’s just one day, as they say in Weight Watchers, but still.

Remember when I posted this article on 50 ways to be happy and live life on your own terms? Since reading it, I’ve been forcing as close to 30 grams of protein down for breakfast every morning. I HATE EATING in the morning, but since I started doing that, it’s been a marked change for the better in the way I feel, and skipping today (and then eating way, way more sugar at dessert this one night than I usually eat in a week) has made me feel like poop. It’s official: I’m at an age where what I eat affects me dramatically. I came home with swollen ankles and a headache, and Marley had to rub my feet.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I’m mostly skipping any Black Friday shopping I can’t accomplish from my laptop, and then suiting up on Saturday for Small Business Saturday in Brooklyn. If you’re shopping tomorrow, be safe.

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Thanksgiving Eve

We only have one more year to watch the utter distain our President has for his annual pardoning of a turkey. I appreciate that he realizes how dumb it is, and I think that it’s sweet his daughters attend every year. If you want to read about WHY the President pardons a turkey every year, go here.

Have you seen #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies? I laughed so hard I pulled something.

Our assignment for tomorrow was a potato dish, so I made Todd Coleman’s potato gratin. We made it once before and then demolished it (I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have a salt-cheese-butter tooth) so we vowed never again unless we were taking it somewhere.

I might whip up a batch of Jen’s mom’s pumpkin squares, which she used to make in high school, if I’m feeling ambitious tomorrow.

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The Annual Gifts for Your Hipster Girlfriend

Normally this is the part of NaBloPoMo that I do a gift guide, that is a thinly veiled list of presents I want. You can still see my “Buy Me This” board on Pinterest if you want gifts for your hipster girlfriend (and, bonus “Amber Style” which has some cool clothing options).

This year we got so much stuff for our wedding, and also, because we moved into a smaller space, we got rid of a ton of stuff, too, and I find myself not really wanting anything this year. Except maybe a set of paints and some paper. Leslie had some out at her studio open house, and I made a small painting on a scrap of paper, and now I’d really like to do more. But that’s it, really.

What do YOU want?

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Neko Atsume is my jam

I’m currently obsessed with Neko Atsume, a Tamagotchi-esque game that I downloaded on my iPhone. The game is meant to be sweet and gentle, and played only by occasionally checking in on it throughout the day for a few minutes at a time. The designer made it so children and adults can both enjoy it. It’s weird, but with the world the way it is – Trump saying racist things, the situation in Syria – having something so sweet to focus on is really comforting.

I texted Laura to see if she had heard of it, and she was like “Dude, I already have the expansion pack, and collected the rare cats.” I should have known!

If you want a low-key, super adorable thing to play, check it out!

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Oliver, In Photos

My friends Erica and Greg used to live here in Park Slope, and when they did, I did a series of portraits of their bassett hound, Oliver. I think it was 2011? I was so happy to be able to dig them out of my hard drive for them, and send them over again, when they announced via Facebook this weekend that he had died, a few days after his 14th birthday.

Greg wrote a very moving essay on Medium about their dog, that had me wiping tears off of my chin.

Friends, I am so sorry for your loss. He was a humdinger.


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The Intersection of Beauty and Morals

One of my goals for this year is 100% eliminating animal tested products, and products that include unsafe or questionable ingredients. It was time for me to let go of those last few products I was holding on to, after debating it for a few years. For one, I have the money. Shopping thoughtfully doesn’t mean shopping cheaply, but I reached a point in my life where worrying about cancerous ingredients and animal testing was more important than paying less. It’s not even that bad, because I’m a pretty minimal product user; I like to keep it simple.

Makeup stumped me, though, until I discovered this list of Cruelty-Free Makeup companies, most of which has the added bonus of being weird ingredient-free. Thanks to this, I’m going to be totally cleaned up by the end of this year, and then I’ll be full-on smug.

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