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Drinks With Amber

Over a year ago, I went to a local networking event and met another photographer, Alexis, and we formed a low-key drinks-and-snacks meet up for wedding professionals. She eventually told me her life was full and the time commitment too much for her, but gave me the thumbs up to continue it on my own.

I recently branded it #DrinksWithAmber

Does this make me an asshole? I did it while asking myself this, but then thought of all of the mediocre white guys who do more with less success than I’ve achieved, and did it anyway.


Seth Godin wrote about the Dip, a place in business where you’re leveling up and then acceleration slows you down temporarily. Pair that with a constant shifting market, the fact that I want to switch to service a more luxurious client even though, when left in my natural state, I barely remember to brush my hair, and an ever-more crowded industry, and popping my head up to rise above is increasingly difficult.

#DrinksWithAmber might be a tiny part of that, but oh man does it feel strange to promote myself this hard. I also recently spoke at a conference, and was so nervous I forgot to stand up, but my feedback was okay – at least what people said to my face.

I’m supposed to be relaxing next week on vacation, and I promise there are some fun fiction books downloaded on my Kindle, but I’m bringing along my copy of the Dip to study again, too.

I’m working hard, and, to be honest, greif has fueled me and I’m managing that balance as consciously as I can. I’m fueled, too, but the constant desire to rise above my blue-collar roots. I knew it would be tricky, but not this much.

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Holiday Music 2014

Marley joked that I am the only person he’s ever met that is really, genuinely into Christmas music. I get it; a lot of it kind of sucks, and the rest is cornball. Here’s what I’m listening to this year, in a mix that will evolve and expand as December goes on. It’s not exactly cornball free, but it’s pretty good.

The mix is broken into three categories: it starts jazzy (with the sexiest version of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy ever: Sugar Rum Cherry by Duke Ellington) and then goes into a soft, folksy indie rock section, featuring the my favorite version of Mele Kalikimaka, sung by KT Tunstall. It finishes up with a whole selection of songs that toe the line between awful and awesome: Dominick the Donkey, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, and a club mix version of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy called “The Nuctcraka”.

Have a listen; it’s ecumenical with a few Hanukkah songs in there, too.

Amber Marlow Christmas & Hanukkah Mix

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Bridget | NYC Portrait Photographer

nyc portrait photographer

At Elizabeth’s housewarming party in Oakland, Bridget and I did that thing where you meet someone and skip all the small talk because you just “click”; we talked about God and the minefield that is dating at our age – the real stuff. In the dusk, I pulled her out to the front lawn because I wanted to take her photo for my Faces project.

Ladies of the Bay area, she is single, rad, and clearly beautiful. You should date her. Look for the gal doing “the Elaine” in her OKCupid profile photos.

nyc dating photos

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