Life List


Tell me, what is it you plan to do/With your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver

To do:

Travel & Adventure

Visit Ireland and drink a pint in a pub while singing an Irish bar song.
Visit Argentina and eat dulce de leche.
Visit Australia to see the bush and the great barrier reef, pet a koala.
Go camping.
Yell a secret into Niagara Falls.
Do really expensive tequila shots on a beach in Mexico at sunset.
Ride in a hot air balloon.
Witness the Northern Lights.
Tour Europe.
Eat a bowl of fish stew in an outdoor restaurant on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean.
Drive through the Tuscan countryside in a tiny two-seater car.
Cover myself in mud and float in the Dead Sea.
Stand on Maho Beach in Saint Martin and freak myself out watching the planes land.
Have a doughnut at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon.
Vacation at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora.
Get screeched in on George Street in Newfoundland.
Visit Joshua Tree.
Sleep in a yurt.
Ride a cow in Switzerland
Live in Paris.
Ride in a helicopter.
Fly a plane.
Pet a tarantula.
Ice skate on a frozen-over lake.
Dance at Carnival.
Do a huge zip line.
Travel on a private jet.
Try indoor or outdoor rock-climbing.
Scuba diving.
Soak in the hot springs of Iceland.
Christmas in Hawaii, complete with hearty sing-a-long of Mele Kalikimaka.
Travel west around the world, and land back in New York.

Personal Enrichment

Write a book and have it published.
Learn to throw pottery.
Learn to drive stick.
Learn French, conversationally.
Run a 5k.
Learn to play a song on ukelele.
Sponsor a child in a third world country.
Gallop a horse.
Speak fluent Spanish.
Have a vegetable garden.
Learn Italian, conversationally.
Join a singing group.
Become a person who exercises regularly.
Memorize ten works of poetry.
1. How to Build an Owl by Kathleen Lynch
2. i carry your heart by e.e. cummings
3. Wild Geese by Mary Oliver
Learn the metric system.
Become a member of a spiritually like-minded community.
Be in a book club.
Obtain a bachelors degree.
Live in a fantastic batchelorette pad.

Lovely Things
Float on a row boat in the middle of a lake and star-gaze.
Catch fireflies in a jar on a summer night.
Shake Barack Obama’s hand.
Celebrate Holi.
Save a life.
Tell a story at the Moth.
Fly kites with friends.
Letterpress something.
Run naked through a field.
Dance to the Pata Pata in a group.
Make music, or at least some sort of sound, with a trombone.
Scream as loudly as possible.
Throw Amber-fest.
Get a matching tattoo with someone I love.
Host a surprise party.

Interacting with Animals
Snuggle a manatee.
Go whale watching.
Kiss an elephant on the trunk.
Dog sledding.
Give someone a rescued kitten or puppy for their birthday.
Milk a cow.
Hold a koala.

Photography Related

Photograph a music festival as press.
Document charity efforts in a third-world country.
Photograph a wedding:

  • Internationally
  • In Palm Springs
  • on Hawaii
  • in the tropics
  • in the desert
  • On top of a building in NYC
  • in Europe.

Complete the boudoir-for-everyone project.
Do a gallery show and have people I love come to see it.
Be featured in a magazine.
Do a portrait session with a celebrity.

Food and Drinks

Tap a tree to make maple syrup.
Host an all-trimmings holiday dinner.
Make a baked Alaska with Jen.
Pick an orange from a tree and eat it immediately.
Make a cake from scratch with homemmade frosting.
Make eclairs from scratch.


Finally see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
Get into Gramercy Park and have a sandwich.
Dinner at Per Se.
Afternoon tea at the Plaza.
Ice skate in Rockefeller Center.
See a Broadway play.
Live in New York City. – done
Row boats in Central Park. – done
Get good and kissed on top of the Empire State Building. – done

All The Completed Things Together

Rock the eff out of a one-shouldered dress.
Row boats in Central Park.
Redesign The Amber Show.
Have set of luxurious personalized stationary.
Do something I absolutely LOVE for a living.
Fly through the air with the greatest of ease – on a flying trapeze!
Hike in Hawaii and jump of a cliff while yelling “Geronimo!”
Officiate a wedding ceremony.
Pick an orange from a tree and eat it immediately.
Have a big party for my birthday.
Make a baked Alaska with Jen.
Commission a piece of art.
Sing “Laid” by James in karaoke.
Make a cake from scratch with homemade frosting.
Road trip somewhere fun by myself.
Take 1000 portraits. (cancelled)
Have a picture of me taken with the Eiffel Tower in the background.
Take my grandma on vacation.

Visit a redwood forest and hug a sequoia.
Do another person’s Life List item (that isn’t on my Life List, too) with them.
Get to number 100 on this list.
Make eclairs from scratch.
Have a singalong with strangers.
Go parasailing.
Learn to cook fish.
Get good and kissed on top of the Empire State Building.
Get that tattoo of a feather on my foot.
Publish a photograph.
Have my own weekly or daily radio show.
Live in New York City.
Learn to take great photos.
Fall madly, hopelessly in love.
Visit Canada.
Adopt a dog from a shelter.
Buy my grandparent’s house.
Own an old Volkswagen bug. (I bought a 1976 bus – close enough!)
Hike through a rain forest.
Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.
Make a blueberry pie from blueberries I picked.
Spend Christmas on the beach in a bikini.
See the bio-luminescent waters in Puerto Rico.
Play in the ocean until I am completely exhausted.