How Do You Say, “AWESOME!” in Dutch?


Beelden Bouwers is a Dutch design company that makes these lamp covers out of repurposed, surplus industry wool. I have zero idea how to order from them (and, I don’t speak Dutch) but I don’t think they’d be too hard to replicate with an old sweater and an IKEA lampshade. When I was seventeen working at movie theater, someone found a large man’s sweater and put it in the back room. I asked whose it was, and was told it was being held as a “lost and found” item. “If no one claims it,” I said, “I want it.” (When I showed Jen my new threads she said, “Of course you wanted it.” I was pretty well known for my fondness of odd clothing choices. Hey, I was frugal!)

I still have that sweater, although I don’t wear it, and I think it would make a cozy lampshade for my house. Time to dig it up.

ps – I want to go to Europe. I think I’d like it there. Goals for 2010: save up enough to visit Holland.

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