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Matty in the Snow

On Tuesday, Brooklyn got hit with about 14 inches of the fluffiest snow I’ve ever seen. Matty is in heaven. He kept asking to be let out into our tiny back yard to he could frolic and plow his face into it. His basset hound legs make him REALLY low to the ground, so the snow went up to  ...

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Cute Elvis Dog

Calvin is 5 months old and in the hands of my friend Holly at an animal shelter in Connecticut. He was attacked as a puppy and vets had to reattach his face on both sides, leaving him with a permanent Elvis lip. I think it’s adorable. Don’t you need a curly lip dog? He’ll  ...

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hey brooklyn

Hey Brooklyn 26

My blog was down for a bit, so I’m late posting about my awesome interview with Erica from Fucked in Park Slope, which you can hear here. I was aware of her blog for ages, but I didn’t meet her until we were both guests at a Shabbat dinner. After that, Rob and I both became good  ...

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Off Leash Hours

Every morning in Prospect Park there are off-leash hours until 9 am. The chances of me actually seeing the world before 9 am are generally slim to none, but yesterday morning at five am I was staring at the ceiling wide awake and completely miserable. So I got up. I made myself coffee and  ...

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I've Landed

So, we’ve landed in Park Slope after a very self-sufficient move. In addition to going DIY with the painting, we packed everything ourselves* and then ran some of the boxes of stuff over to the new place and unpacked them in the weeks before the Big Moving Day with the Movers. These small  ...

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Molly Mutt

Oh, one more thing before my mini moving hiatus! In April I blogged about a small company run by a dog-mom who, like me, has three dogs.  She came up with a new and improved approach to dog beds, and Molly Mutt was born. Remember? It turned out to be a popular post, so I asked Molly if she  ...

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stray dogs

In Central Park with Annabelle

This is Annabelle. She has a home with John; they live in Manhattan. Annabelle is going to be the face of a fund dedicated to helping Stray from the Heart with vet bills, so she needed a photoshoot. I have no idea what she’s doing in this picture, but I think it’s pretty funny.  ...

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