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You Should Go to Barbados

Despite the fact that what happened AFTER my trip to Barbados was pretty crummy, the trip itself was wonderful. The Caribbean is magic, and I have dreams of buying a tiny cottage by the sea one day, and “wintering” in it when I am an old lady.

I’m making good on a promise: many of the workers, bartenders, and taxi drivers implored me to tell all my friends how wonderful and friendly Barbados is; their primary industry is tourism. It was nice to see how proud the locals were of their tiny, beautiful nation (431 sq. km/161 sq. miles) The bus drivers were happy to make non-bus stop stops for us, taxi drivers turned trips into a tours of the island,  and bartenders were eager to chat and share recommendations on things to do. And it’s gorgeous! Homes are painted either soft, sandy colors or bright, fun tropical ones; flowers bloomed everywhere; and when I went snorkeling, I was delighted to meet schools of shy, brightly colored fish.

Although they are happy to accept US currency and peg their dollar to ours at 2:1, the former British colony is very European: they play cricket, use proper British spellings, and EVERYONE was excited about the royal baby, whose birth was announced while I was poolside and immediately elicited squeals from the British sunbathers next to me. But enough with the yammering: photos!

This guy TOTALLY caught me aiming my camera at him.

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The One Where I Stay Put For Now

There’s so much to share about my trip to the Bay Area, but first I wanted to talk about something I realized there. I’ve been saving up for a while for a much larger, glamorous trip solo. The destination was always TBD, but I was leaning towards southeast Asia. Every time I research far-flung places to go to explore on my own, though, I got nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I think it’s time to accept that going somewhere alone is just not my cup of tea. At least, not now.


Do you have stuff like that, stuff you think you “should” do because that’s the type of person you want to be, only you don’t actually want to do them? This is a first for me. I want to be the girl that packs her bags and goes to Thailand to stomp around without a travel buddy, but I got lost on the BART, which is almost universally agreed upon as the easiest public transportation system to navigate in the United States. Thailand might be a little beyond me.

I’ve also always had a mentality that I wanted to travel and explore interesting places more than I wanted to buy nice furniture, and it’s a sentiment I believe in… just not for me. I spend a LOT of time at home, and buying a good pull-out couch to host overnight guests makes more sense than traveling right now.

Have you struggled with any of your priorities? I’d love to hear how you handled it.

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